Thursday, June 12, 2008

Talk about making headway in the GREEN movement!!

WOW! It’s been an amazing last couple of months for the Sustainable Living Systems team. We’ve now been to five CEO Space forums right in a row, and CEO Space has not only become our forum for expert business advice and world class contacts, but a benchmark for our successes.

Within the last couple months alone, we’ve completed our CAD drawings and proven virtual testing; have attracted world class experts as our business and financial consultants, legal representation, and industry advisors; have completed our business plan, financial projections, and offering documents…

AND, we have been personally endorsed by celebrity

Mark Victor Hanson,

the number one selling author in the world!!

We first met him at the December CEO Space forum and had the chance to personally speak with him in regards to our project – the home that heats and cools itself for free – in which he was extremely interested and connected us with several great contacts.

Then, at the May forum, out of hundreds of people, he personally sought out my partner to ask how the project was coming along. So we told him.

Mark Victor Hanson responded by saying that we could use his personal endorsement of the project for our Company.

CEO Space isn’t just another forum. It’s the forum to realizing your dreams.

With CEO Space, we are on the fast track to abundance and success.

Check back often to watch our progress.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Homes that Heat and Cool themselves - Save Energy!!!


It's no longer just a crayon color-- it's a way of life.

And Sustainable Living Systems is advancing the green revolution by introducing a beyond green™ building technology so advanced, it's going to change the future of this planet

Imagine a home that heats itself in the winter and cools itself in the summer with no electricity cost, directly reducing your energy by as much as 66%.

Imagine that this home could be built with as much as 40% fewer materials than a traditional house, in a matter of weeks rather than months, and that its structural superiority could possibly allow it to withstand natural disaster such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and fires.

Reduce building costs, save 66% on energy to run the home.

Build homes faster!!!!

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